During the summer holidays, we like the natural with the tanned complexion and the hair detached.

To put mascara like a pro, there is no secret! Avoid these basic mistakes not to miss the pose of your mascara and not to damage your eyelashes, so precious for your beautiful look.

On the makeup side, one does not put too much foundation and one avoids the lipsticks too dark. For the eyes, one does not hesitate to bet on flashy colors for a trendy and modern look! You will find in the shops green, pink, turquoise or violet mascaras.

For a summer evening on the beach, apply for example only green mascara on the upper and purple lashes on the bottom lashes. Vitamin effect guaranteed! Choose your mascara curling, volumizing or extending to highlight your eyes.

Rule # 1: Do not put too much

If you want to become a mascara pro, it is important to adhere to some basic rules and avoid some mistakes. To begin with, know that not to put too much mascara. Do not add layer after layer! The result will not be beautiful and you will have the impression that you put a big pile of mascara on your eyelashes. Your look will be dark and sad. Ideal for Halloween but not for a romantic evening! It is better to apply your mascara at one time in several times.


Rule # 2: Do not use the lash curler after laying

If you do not know the lash curler yet, know that it can work miracles for some people. Learn how to use the eyelash curler for a bluffing and natural result! The thing to remember with the eyelash curler is that you should not use it after the laying of your mascara. You risk breaking or damaging your eyelashes. The mascara plays the role of a sheath on your eyelashes, the curler-eyelash will try to curl the frozen lashes, thus to break them.

Rule # 3: Do not forget to apply an eye shadow

For a harmonious makeup, mascara is used of course, but one does not forget the lipstick, the anti-Cerne, the foundation and especially the shadows with the eyelids.

So, during your makeup session, apply a blue, plum or dark brown eye shadow, starting from the outside to go inward. Blend with a small brush. Then apply your mascara lengthening or volumizing, black, blue or brown uniformly for a successful makeup that will highlight your look.

Rule # 4: Do not dry your mascara

Among the advantages and disadvantages of mascaras, know that they dry quickly if you do not take care of them. You do not need to pull out the brush several times to remove excess mascara. The tube is narrow enough inside that the brush can rub the edges. Also, pay attention to the brush, do not twist it too hard if you want to use it a good time.


Rule 5: Do not put a layer on an old

If you ever forgot to put waterproof mascara and some tears have flowed, follow this advice. Once in the toilet, do not put a layer of mascara on an old layer. It is better to remove makeup using a handkerchief and a little water if you have nothing at hand and apply mascara again. Putting mascara on a dry layer will form a thick crust.


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