sensitive skin

The first step in formulating is generally aimed at equalizing the complexion with a powder or foundation.

For sensitive skin, this gives a direct result but can sometimes result in a deluge. With visible symptoms: drought spots on certain parts. Visible hair vessels elsewhere or more or less permanent redness. Some symptoms develop gradually over time. Others appear immediately without announcement.

The skin then pricks or feels hot like a “hot flush” or becomes reddish red when sudden temperature changes or stress increases. These unpleasant situations are not good for self-confidence and let you dream of a foundation that helps to alleviate all minor imperfections To mask!

Choose the ideal foundation

ideal foundation

Beware of unsuitable foundations that can literally cause the skin to sting. Thick or covering textures can simplify the skin’s reactivity and just the opposite reach of what is intended. Choose a foundation that allows the skin to breathe and check that the formula (the product) has been tested on sensitive skin.

Have fun in making up

To get out of that vicious circle Check for all your skin is well hydrated. Choose a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and nondrying formula. For optimal fixation of the pearl nuts, apply the foundation with a sponge or brush. Always work on the face of the outside for a natural result. These formulas can even be used locally. You only have to dash with your finger on the spot: on a pimple, on a coupe rose etc.

Note: It is important to clean the sponge or brush properly to prevent it from becoming a source of bacteria. With a little shampoo, the brushes can be washed gently. Stir the brush slightly dry with a towel and allow it to dry horizontally so that the hairs do not stick together.

sensitive skin makeup

Finally, a well-founded Foundation has another important advantage, namely at the time of shrinking. There is less need to be brushed with cotton swabs, so rub less irritated over the skin to properly remove the pigments. One last important advice for removing cosmetic skin care: Choose a micellar cleaning or other product that does not need to be rinsed with water.

Two birds with one stone

We recommend: “Combine the application of a moisturizing cream with a face massage to yourself, to re-insulate microcirculation, to intensify the tissues and to eliminate irregularities.”

For lovers of a true foundation

First, make sure the skin is well hydrated. If the skin is not fed, the cream part of the foundation will be absorbed instead of remaining on the skin surface, which will allow the pigments to spread less well. They then get into the wrinkles, making them accentuated.

It is therefore important to hydrate the skin before applying the foundation. When laying the foundation, forget the inner corner of the eye, which becomes darker with the years. Then with the finger under the eye through and over the wrinkles on the outside of the Wipe the eye to smooth the skin.


Then apply some powder. Finishing Touch: Nebula thermal whatever the face to fix the whole, and drip too much moisture dry with a tissue.


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