To all art, its tool of choice: makeup does not escape this rule since its final rendering depends primarily.

The makeup brushes used to apply for different purpose like; her eyeshadows, foundation or blush. Yes, in the closet the application to the finger or the mouthpiece of our childhood. Beauty addict or not, sit comfortably in front of your dressing table and draw your pro accessory: the brush!

1 # Natural or synthetic hair

First of all, it is important to note that there are two types of hair, which will condition the application of makeup. In natural or synthetic hair, one chooses his brush according to the area of the face. It is concerned but also according to the textures used.

Natural hair:

Very soft, they make it possible to make up the complexion or the eyes in a diffuse way, all in lightness. The natural bristle brush is preferred for the application of powdered materials such as blush, bronzing powder or loose powder. These are the makeup brushes that allow the most natural result but be careful, they are not cruelty-free! Made from goat, pony or squirrel hair, they are also more expensive and require special maintenance.

Synthetic hairs:

Denser than natural hairs, synthetic hairs are generally made from nylon fibers. More precise and resistant, they are ideal for applying creamy materials and greasy textures. Such as concealer, liquid foundation, corrector or lipstick. These brushes are also easier to clean since they do not retain moisture and dry at high speed!

2 # Each face area have it’s brush


We will never repeat it enough: for a successful makeup. Everything on the makeup of the complexion. After choosing your facials, the complexion work is the secret to look good all year round. For a natural result, the foundation applies in the light veil. Before correcting the redness and reliefs with a corrector.

The foundation brush is chosen according to the material you will apply to your face and the coverage you desire. For the application of the fluid foundation, the flat brush allows stretching the material while keeping a strong coverage. It is ideal for working on large flat areas of the face, such as the forehead. For a natural result, choose the duo-fiber brush.

By combining two types of bristles, it allows a diffusion of the material in lightness and a more transparent coverage. For the liquid foundation or BB cream, the egg brush avoids small traces unsightly. Its shape is perfect to work with precision. Finally, the kabuki brush is ideal for powder foundation. Since it hangs matter and diffuses it into a halo of the most natural.


The application of the antic-erne requires the use of a soft brush. Not to attack the fragile and delicate skin of the underside of the eye. Choose thinner, longer hairs, but dense enough to bring the coverage you need. The skin, without weighing down the eyes.

The corrector should be applied with a short, firm bristle brush to allow pigments. Also, to adhere to the skin and cover small imperfections.

Then comes the powder stage! Whether it is free or pressed. A large fluffy brush is chosen which applies powdered materials uniformly, without plastering. For retouching during the day, slip a retractable powder brush into your makeup kit. Smart and practical as you like!

For sunbathing or sunbathing, it all depends on the result you want. For a contouring technique, we prefer a small brush, precise and beveled. To mark the areas of hollow and the contour of the face, and bring relief. For a “sunkissed” holiday return, a duo-fiber brush makes it possible to sweep the bronzing powder gently. Create a halo of colors while subtlety.

The beveled brush is also used to apply the blush or the blusher. It allows following the line of the cheekbone with precision. You can also choose it round to shade the crown of the cheek.

For highlighter lovers or illuminator, the fan brush is your best ally. It diffuses the iridescent lightness and perfectly follows the top of the cheekbone.

The advice:

once the complexion completes, you can blend it all with a clean kabuki. This gesture makes it possible to melt all the materials of them and to perfect your makeup!


Eye makeup is the opportunity to put your creativity in play and have fun with textures, colors, and different techniques. Whether you’re collecting makeup palettes or not. Choose the right eye brushes to work your makeup easily!

The flat brush, short and square, allows the application of the eye shadow in flat. If you choose synthetic hair, you can moisten it before you plunge it into your palette. The pigments will be more intense and will hang better on the mobile eyelid.

The blush brush is the essential makeup accessory for any successful makeup of the eyes. It is chosen long and fluffy, egg-shaped to degrade matter, then one blurs, one blurs, one blurs!

For the lower eyelashes, the pencil brush has short bristles that allow precise application.

Before the essential steps of the eyelash curler and the mascara. Even the application of false eyelashes comes to the art of eyeliner tracing. If it is liquid or gel, a specific fine brush will help you draw a precise line and a fine comma. If you prefer a moistened powder coat, the thin, short, dense brush will be your best ally for a natural liner.


Makeup eyebrows are not only the big trend of the moment but are also the final touch for a high-quality eye makeup. The eyebrow should be depilated respecting its natural line and the shape of your eye, then subtly made up according to its color, and not that of your hair.


If you prefer to fill your eyebrows with a powder rather than a pencil, remove material with a short, dense and beveled synthetic brush.


For a makeup of the lips at the top, it is not enough to draw his lipstick and put it in the grape. It starts with a sugar and honey scrub that eliminates the small skins and allows to obtain a better result than on damaged lips. We then put a lip pencil to redefine the contours of the mouth, and we take out his brushes!

In synthetic or natural hair, the lip brush must be thin to allow accurate delineation of the contours.

The advice:

to add dimension to the finest mouths, finish with a small tip of moisturizing gloss in the center of the lips.

3 # How to wash brushes?

To keep your skin beautiful and healthy, it is essential to clean your brushes very regularly. To avoid their proliferation and the appearance of pimples and other imperfections. It is therefore essential to carry out a washing of your tools at least once a week!


After each use, use a spray cleaner that does not require brushing under water. Simply spray the product on a tissue and rub the brush gently to remove excess makeup. This technique helps keep your brushes clean on a daily basis but does not replace a deep cleaning.

Once a week, brush your brushes with lukewarm water and foam a soft soap or baby shampoo in the palm of your hand. Then rub under the water jet, until the water is clear.

Then put your tools flat on a cloth the time they dry or have brush guards that allow you to keep the shape of your brushes intact after each cleaning






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