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If there is an advertising tool par excellence is certainly the advertising photography.

Advertising photography is one of the tools we have to promote services. Generally for goods or ideas is what we know as marketing. Based primarily on seduction to achieve the goals set. This requires that these objectives be fulfilled with maximum speed as a driving element.

advertising photography for packaging

On the one hand, advertising photography is given an iconic value that contributes to facilitating the identification of both the product, service or idea. As well as identification with the characters or plot of photography. The product is thus easily recognizable, disclosing its benefits, uses and/or target audience

Advertising photography: immediacy in the message

On the other hand, this high iconic value also contributes to highlight the character of veracity that it claims. The product photography presents little difference with respect to the real referent, favouring the truth of what it shows.

Compared with video, it has the quality of immediacy and if you can easily keep in most formats. Easier to remember with respect to video or sound, and even greater capacity for seduction.

Today, thanks to editing programs, advertising photography acquires a greater dimension. In terms of composition and design, and for this reason, it is the technique most used in graphic advertising. Composed mainly of slogan, text, brand name, logo and image.

In advertising photography, it is essential to draw attention

It is paramount to attract attention and enliven the memory. The publicist knows that the recipient expects to see the interest. Veracity and clear presentation of the commercial idea, creating a link between seller and consumer. Presenting the product in the best possible way. Highlighting the qualities of the product and making sure that it differs from the competition to influence sales.

advertising photography
advertising photography for graphic campaigns

Any company that has a marketing strategy must have this department to make that strategy effective and attractive. The advertising uses both graphic images and photographic, although it is now more resort to the latter.

Advertising product photography can help us create a certain atmosphere. We can achieve an incredible level of detail, definition, texture, smoothness in tonal gradation, etc.

advertising photography
advertising photography for advertising

This requires, to have practical knowledge of the photographic techniques. And if you want to take full advantage of the multiple possibilities almost unlimited offered by the advertising photo retouch.

Advertising photography must convey the message that we want to disseminate directly and forcefully. Also, must be of very high quality both technically and creatively to get the most out of the advertising product.

advertising photography
flyer advertising photography

Ttradexcel graphics offer you added services to the product photography. As an audiovisual producer, we can provide professional photo retouch service for the realization of commercials.

advertising photography
advertising photography for stylists

For more information on photo retouch for advertising, we will be happy to assist you through our email, or by telephone +1 (718) 569-7007.


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