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Is it necessary to change all days, weeks, to finally succeed in losing weight?  Losing weight requires a lot of free time.

In order to lose weight the question of the regime – or even building muscle or muscle gain usually, raises the question of the organization of it. And the time it takes to be effective.

Because yes, we all have our little lives already busy and obviously at first it seems complicated everything upside to incorporate sports sessions and more time to prepare food. So how to organize effectively to lose weight while maintaining a pleasant life with time for oneself?

The first thing to do is to analyze your current daily

It starts with:

To ensure effective weight loss, you better think a little upstream rather than rushing headlong to realize 2 weeks later than our pace is unsustainable.

daily exercise

Initially, we will just try to look at our typical week:

  • Work / Study
  • Time of transport
  • Racing
  • Meals to prepare
  • Hobbies
  • Social life (family, going out with friends, …)
    Video games / facebook / Mobile app, etc.

This list is of course by exhaustive, it is up to you to fill it according to your lifestyle.

From this first analysis, one can already project on the available moments in the week to do some sports.

Obviously, for some, it’s not going to be obvious from the start, between the job and, for those who have it, the kids to take care of. But without realizing it at first glance, we always have small moments that can be put to use.

It’s just going to require a little bit of will and sacrifices!


If you have free time:

Already for the “lucky ones” who find themselves with quite a lot of free time, you can already think about when to place your sports sessions.


Keeping in mind that it is important to keep a day off between each of them. And avoid exceeding the 4 sessions per week.

A good rhythm of training corresponding to most people is the following: 3 sessions per week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if it seems more appropriate. The key to the inclusion of the sport in your life is to remain reasonable: if you do not do sport at the moment, there is no point in getting into it at once. Do 6 hours a week, you probably will not support it.

Why not start with two one-hour sessions each Tuesday and Thursday?

History to start smoothly, and thereafter, once you have good sensations and you feel able to do more, you can add a session.

Everything is a matter of balance.

If you want to do too much, too quickly, you will see that your initial motivation will quickly be consumed and that behind it will be complicated to keep pace.

And rhythm, assiduity is the key to an effective diet.

Well, that was for those who have time. But, how can we get out of it for those who already have a very busy daily?

Healthy eating will not require more time.

Again, it’s all about the organization :

If you are efficient in your shopping and preparation of dishes, it will take you little more time than to buy dishes prepared at the store.

weight loss

Prepared dishes that are to be avoided at all costs: too fatty, too sweet, poor in vitamins and minerals,

Define a list of dishes that are: quick to prepare, healthy and appreciated
Prepare your race list in advance and shop for several days
Plan in your schedule time to cook and eat.

Organizing your diet – The final word

Through this short article, you can see that anyone can lose weight effectively. The key is just not to go head down and get organized.

To be sure not to lose your motivation too quickly and drop everything before you get the first results. So remember the little tricks that I have presented to you:

Analyze your daily life

  • Add sports sessions (if necessary by freeing up free time)
  • Plan your meals to save time
  • If you follow these 3 principles, you should be able to release a healthy and effective routine.

daily exercise

That allows us to lose weight effectively and especially over the long term. No more taking your head weeks after weeks with your diet if you simply do not.


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