Organic Cosmetics

Getting to Know Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics, one can very quickly be baffled by all the labels present in this environment. Also, learning to recognize the ingredients used primarily in organic cosmetics is essential to be safe from unpleasant surprises. Decrypting labels will become your new passion and you will understand better what organic cosmetics are!

Organic cosmetics that can be made at home

That one who says that organic cosmetics cost too much to be used every day is undeceived! Indeed, it is quite possible to realize at home at a lower price. Perfect if you do not want to ruin yourself in makeup and know exactly the composition of its products. Discover how to make your organic makeup yourself or make your own organic soap. You will see that there is nothing more simple!

Organic Cosmetics

Organic makeup recipes: lip balm

The homemade organic lip balm will be your best ally to avoid chapping in winter. You can do it very simply with some basic ingredients of organic makeup homemade. To start, melt a tablespoon of shea butter. Then, add 5 g of candelilla wax to get a firm hold, 3 drops of wheat germ oil for preservation, vanilla macerate and the oil of your choice for the taste – for example, you can opt for apricot or raspberry oil. Put everything in a pan and place a few hours in the refrigerator.

Organic makeup recipe: mascara

Mascaras are not very difficult to achieve. This type of organic house makeup can be done very quickly and does not require a lot of ingredients. So you will need transparent aloe vera gel, activated charcoal for an intense black color, bentonite, a type of clay that will prevent the mascara from sinking, and grapefruit seed extract as a natural preservative. In a small glass or plastic bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal, ¾ teaspoon of bentonite and 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract. Put the mixture in an empty pot of mascara, previously sterilized with a small syringe, and enjoy your new mascara!

Organic makeup recipe: lipstick

There is nothing easier than making a lipstick home when you start to discover organic cosmetics. You will not need a lot of material. All you need is a wax to give consistency to the stick. You can choose a vegetable wax (carnauba) or beeswax. A binder based on castor oil will also serve to coagulate the material and give a certain brilliance to the product. Finally, choose the color that suits you best, from pigments and micas of your choice. Mix the ingredients in a sterilized glass bowl and pour the result into a lipstick mold.

An all green life with organic cosmetics

The cosmetics have many advantages. They help you to have beautiful skin, they limit allergies and, in addition, they are environmentally friendly! By taking organic cosmetics, you become a full-fledged consumer, while taking care of the planet and your skin. If we can combine usefulness with pleasure, why deprive ourselves? Organic cosmetics will become your new allies.

Organic Cosmetics

Rules of good behavior for making your makeup organic

One can make its makeup bio in a turn of a hand, with ingredients easy to find. Nevertheless, there are some rules of hygiene and good behavior to keep, to avoid any risk of contamination of your products and ensure a good preservation to your organic makeup. First, wash your hands thoroughly, before starting any type of cosmetic. Then, sterilize each of your utensils with boiling water or with 90 ° alcohol, which you can find in the pharmacy. You can, of course, and natural preservatives in your preparations, such as grapefruit seed oil or wheat germ. But remember to consume your product in the next month and keep it cool.


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