A priori, when you lay your lipstick, you do not think. You take your stick of red and you brush your lips while awaiting a drinking denouement.

It is soon winter. A question burns our lips: what makeup mouth will we wear for the fall-winter 2017-2018? As always, the answer is in the parades. Paris, London, New York, Milan, the creators have defined what will make the lip makeup trend of next season. Matte or shiny? Mouth brown or dew? Is red lips always a hit? You fall well, you are told everything.

Very often, finding the right lipstick and applying it well enough to wear a look to fall. A bright red on a total black look, and paf! The charm operates.

This autumn-winter, the timeless red always warm our lips. But new trends sweep over the world of makeup.

Spoiler: Prepare for a very, very glossy winter

The colors of lipstick trend autumn-winter 2017-2018

The nude mouth headlined. This season, nude makeup is essential, from the complexion to the eyelids through the mouth.


We’ll say it right away: no “I woke up like this” that holds. The nude mouth is working.

However, the parades offer several options: either we offer a lipstick nude, slightly darker. Then it’s carnation or even slightly caramelized, as in Bottega Veneta. Or else one is content to create a brilliant effect with the aid of a gloss. Just to sublimate its natural lips.

This year, the make-up artists of the big ready-to-wear houses set the tone: when the lips are displayed in color, the lipstick colors are (very) light.

If one sees some brown mouths and a few bright red mouths. The trend of the season is the old rose, the almost transparent red “salmon” or the powdered pink, Subtle and discreet.

The beauticians in the lack of fantasy will find their happiness in the nacreous variants and iridescent of these light colors. At Liselore Frowijn for example, a few spangles are enough to make a mouth a priori. A mouth glitter which does not, however, turn into too much.

The mouth tie and dye, the flagship trend of autumn-winter 2017-2018

We see it EVERYWHERE. The mouth tie and dye has invested the catwalks of fashion capitals.

As a choice, the shadow lips is discreet, effect “mouth bitten,” or squarely assumed. For the second option, we take inspiration from Francesca Liberatore and her two-tone fuchsia and light pink mouth, surmounted by a touch of silver light.

Between the two, the classic tie and dye, ideally in a gradient of pink magenta and fuchsia.

The Little trick to do well: we are inspired by the makeup of the H & M parade! The darkest color is intended for the upper lip and the contours, and the lighter on the lower lip and in subtle touch, in the middle of the upper lip.

Lip makeup

Another option very popular this season: we use the same color, but we put it in the middle of the mouth to fade it on the sides, as in Andrew GN.

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Lip Makeup Autumn-Winter 2017-2018: glossy mouth shiny

The matte lipstick has not been able to defend its place within the makeup trends of the autumn-winter lips. This year, the mouth is glossy or is not!

Surfacing bright lipsticks on the catwalk. If possible, candy pink lipstick, light pink, raspberry or fuchsia.

We fall back into childhood with these mouths greedy. As Roland, Tanya Taylor and Emporio Armani, among others!

And if your heart is not in color, do not miss applying a touch of bright gloss on your mouth! It must be shining!

Luminous lipsticks draw attention to your teeth. So take the time to whiten them before the big day if you want to use a shiny lipstick.


Shiny lipsticks do not last long, use a matte formula cream or make-up. Before applying your lipstick, take good care of your mouth. It allows the makeup to hold well and ensure that the result is optimal.


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