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Maintaining afro hair is a true daily mission. Care, routine but also diet contribute to their beauty. Here are the natural ingredients that grow curly hair.

Having curly hair ‘Afro’ is a real beauty asset. However, due to the specificity of the frizzy hair, one is subjected to more constraints to maintain their beauty with great reinforcement of regular care. Result? Poorly maintained due to lack of time, our hair is dry, damaged, brittle. In these conditions difficult to wear the glamorous beard of BeyoncĂ©. Fortunately, there are tricks to stimulate afro hair growth.

Good habits to stimulate growth

This is the case for all types of hair: our beauty routine but also our diet have an impact on our hair. To have hair at the top, it is better to adopt a balanced diet in addition to specific and targeted care. After these recommendations, 2 simple and effective gestures are to be adopted if we want to encourage the growth:


curly hair

The specificity of afro hair? Their dry side is brittle. The remedy is obviously hydration as much by means of typical care sprays and sprays as by the drink. Reminder: to be well hydrated it is necessary to drink AT LEAST 1.5 L of water per day.


Hair grows when they are healthy. It is useless to be reluctant to cut his spikes to keep the 2 more precious centimeters of length that they offer us. On the contrary, by removing this damaged part of the hair, only the healthy part of the hair fiber is preserved and the hair grows better from this base in full health.

Why does Afro hair grow slower?

This is the question we all ask while admiring the silky hair of our girlfriends Caucasian or Asian. And yet, their hair does not necessarily grow faster. If they seem longer, it is mainly because ours are curled and as they curve naturally on themselves, it is difficult to realize that they are gaining in length. The other reason? It is the difficulty progression of the sebum in our dense mop. Naturally produced by the hair, the sebum helps to hydrate the hair fiber. But in the case of curly hair, the sebum has difficulty ascending from the scalp to the tip. Result? The hair is less well hydrated, drier and brittle.

curly hair

The natural ingredients that make hair grow afros

To have long hair, no secrets: they must maintain their good health. Here are 5 natural ingredients that will give a boost and, a fortiori, boost their growth:

The hair is composed of 95% keratin. A protein that does not renew naturally yet it is essential to the health of our hair! Indeed the keratin repairs restore suppleness and shine to the hair. To refuel, do not skimp on the care containing this miracle ingredient!
Rich in ricinoleic acid (an omega 9 fatty acid) and vitamin E (natural antioxidant), castor oil is known for its virtues on the hair. It contributes to their hydration and stimulates their growth.

Beer yeast is a true cocktail of beauty for our hair because of its richness in minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth. Available in capsule or in glitter, we sprinkle cheerfully all our dishes.

Foods high in protein. Keratin does not synthesize naturally but thanks to proteins. The result, it is necessary to find what to synthesize it through the power supply. Foods to be preferred? Salmon, avocados, spinach, eggs, lentils.

Foods rich in vitamin C. This vitamin helps to fortify the hair and a deficiency can be at the origin of fragile and brittle hair. Where to find it? In blueberries, blackcurrants, peppers and raw fish.

curly hair


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