Ready to come out of the cocoon of motherhood with your little one. Inpatient and excited to find your home and create a cozy nest for your child.

Oh! my baby… Should I sleep with my baby? Leave him in his room? How should we behave? One thing is certain: you may be spending a sleepless night!

Same time anxious to be alone with this newborn whose reactions you will discover as the days go by. For most parents, the first night can be disturbing. Fear of doing wrong, not being up to it!

How do parents feel during the first night with the babies?

The return home is a time of anguish. During their stay at the maternity home, parents are surrounded and helped by simply pressing a button to have a caregiver at their side in a few minutes.


The bottles are supplied ready, the auxiliary gives the bath with you, the nurses and the midwives surround you. Often, parents feel helpless in the face of this baby who expresses his needs by crying and there is no button on which to press to be helped.

Often babies are more awake and more irritable in the evening and the night is carrying anxiety. All the more so because it is necessary to overcome the physical fatigue of the childbirth because it is often several nights that sleep has not been optimal! What parent did not wake up suddenly to check that her child was fine, breathing normally, between two bottles or feedings that wake you up every 3 or 4 hours?

How does each parent tend to behave with the child?


This is for the dad often the first night with his baby so for him, it is a big change, he will have to find the right place between his wife became the mother and her child. For a few days, each member of the family will have to adapt and find its place.

What are the gestures to practice the first night with baby?

The return home is a mess for the baby, some do not want to detach themselves from their mother’s breast, others need to be cuddled. At first, it is advisable to have your baby sleep in a crib or a small cradle because the walls are closer to him and it reminds him of his life in utero. Feeling boundaries reassures him. Then you can keep your baby’s crib close to your bed.


This has several advantages: – Less journey to make in the night to reassure him when he wakes up. The baby needs to know that her mom is not far away smelling and hearing her voice. Do not hesitate to sing to him lullabies, to speak to him softly, to make reassuring remarks. You can make him listen to a quiet song,

How to sleep serenely the first night with baby?

To sleep serenely, it is enough to avoid the factors that can favor the sudden death of the infant. Observe the following instructions: put your baby on the back, in a bed with bars and a firm mattress, adapted to the dimensions of the bed, on a fitted sheet, in a sleeping bag.

Avoid putting a stuffed animal beside its head, place it at the foot of the bed. Keep a room tempered at about 20 ° C and aired daily. Do not sleep in the same bed as your baby, place your crib next to your bed. And do not forget to sleep when your baby sleeps, day and night!



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