Having beautiful hair is good. Having shiny hair is better. But how to do it?

Expert tips for you that walk at all costs.

It’s the end of winter and we mean a definitive bye-bye to the dull hair. We have hair in full health, shine is another thing. One loses oneself between the “miracles” care and the tricks of grandmother. Here are some tips to get shiny hair:

The vinegar

” A really good tip is cider vinegar,” says the expert. We often hear about white vinegar, but the cider vinegar is softer. To realize this trick, we play the little chemists. One-third of warm water, one-third of shampoo and one-third of cider vinegar are mixed. Allow to stand for five minutes and rinse.Expert Tips

The heat

For an unobtainable result in just a few minutes, you can brusher a few locks on top of your head. The heat of the hair dryer will bring shine to the hair.

Restore the hair of the beast

To hope to have shiny hair, one does not neglect its accessories. The brush should be appropriate. ” You have to take it in wild boar hair, so you do not break the fiber of the hair and you see the difference with a synthetic brush,” says the hairdresser.


Rinse your hair with cold water is not a legend: it works! ” The cold closes the scales of the hair, the hair is smoothed and therefore reflects the light better, ” confirms Damien. No need to do all of its shampoo in cold water, just a spray at the end of the rinse is enough.

Sweet almond oil

Another good ally: sweet almond oil. We make a mask on wet lengths. Ultra rich in fatty acids, it is therefore very nourishing. Allow to stand for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with cold water, for even more brilliance.

The Expert tips of Blake Lively for a dream hair

It must be admitted, it has been ten years that we want to look like Blake Lively. For her role as Serena in Gossip Girl, we love everything at home, her way of being, her fiery and sparkling side, her sense of style and of course her princess’ hair. Ten years and two children later, the actress has evolved in the cinema, but her hair, they, are still as silky. What is his secret? We finally have the answer from our Expert tips.


At an event, L’Oréal – of which Blake Lively is muse -, the wife of Ryan Reynolds revealed to Pop Sugar its capillary trick, and it is very simple. Indeed, the young woman confesses never to use a conditioner, or very rarely. Instead, she prefers to use a mask that she does not rinse completely. As simple as hello!

Everything is a matter of rinsing

But beware, the complexity lies in rinsing. No way out of the shower the mask full of hair, everything is a matter of meticulousness. ” I totally rinse the roots so they are not greasy, then I leave about 5% of the product on the length, ” said the actress.

For her, no need to spend a fortune at the hairdresser, she has her little trick to it. Which in addition, will not cost you much, since you will even save in conditioner. Blake even admits that his favorite mask from Hair Expert tips for Color Vibrancy Intensive. Well here’s between his hair trick and the secret of the abs of Kendall Jenner, one is spoiled today!


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