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Not always the time to do a shampoo in the morning before going to work?

Simple hair care tips, fast and convenient, dry shampoo allows you to space shampoos. In just 2 minutes, it absorbs the excess of sebum: your hair is clean, soft and light! To test absolutely! Manual.

Ultra absorbent hair care

Clean your hair without wetting it, it’s possible! Thanks to the dry shampoo which, as its name indicates, is used on dry hair. This treatment adapted to all hair types needs its cleansing properties to absorbing agents that act like a sponge on the sebum of the scalp. Result: it masks the bold hair effect.

hair care

When to use dry shampoo?

This hair care is the ideal solution when:

– we have the hair that re-greases quickly,
– we want to refresh our hair very quickly (before an appointment for example),
– we do not have the possibility to wash our hair (bedridden in the hospital),
– we want to take care of his hair or a very sensitive scalp avoiding shampoos too frequent,
– we want to preserve a hair coloring recent and to avoid that it does not disgorge too quickly.

A fast, simple and effective hair care!

Concretely, how does it work? If you have chosen a dry spray shampoo: shake the bottle well before use, keep it in a vertical position at 30 centimeters from the hair, then spray the care in a small amount on the whole hair, uniformly, insisting Well on the roots. Finally, leave to act 2 minutes then brush your hair to eliminate the surplus of product.

dry shampoo

If you have opted for a powder treatment, the method is practically the same: always shake well before use, hold it vertically and spray the powder by pressure to 10 centimeters of the scalp. Leave on for 2 minutes then brush your hair long to remove any traces of powder that can leave a whitish appearance.

Did you know? Dry shampoo has more than forty years of existence! A time shunned, it makes its comeback with ranges of products very varied in spray or powder.

The care you need to give volume to your hair

The ba-ba to have a voluminous mane is to use a volumizing shampoo that will bring lightness to the hair. More generally, all the products for treating the hair which tend to weigh down the hair are to be banished if it is desired to give volume to the hair. So be careful when choosing your masks and conditioners and prefer lightweight formulas designed for fine hair.

hair shampoo

For hair style, use a styling mousse or a spray in sea water. Apply on damp hair by insisting on the roots in order to take them off. Then dry. Finally, between shampoos, consider using dry shampoo: it gives back lightness to the fat roots and brings texture to the hair. It is ideal to give volume to the hair!

Gestures that work for voluminous hair

To give volume to the hair, one must have the right reflexes in addition to good products. So, to dry your hair, two gestures are to be preferred. First, get into the habit of drying your hair upside down. Then, during drying, gently rub the hair to remove the roots and texture the lengths.

hair treatment


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