The makeup of the complexion will have a better rendering on a beautiful and healthy skin.

The quest for the perfect complexion begins before anything else by choosing the right routine of facial care: day cream, night cream, moisturizing serum …And good makeup remover! For a makeup zero defect, one then chooses its foundation according to its type of skin, its skin tone and the rendered discounted.

The foundation is the essential product

A few beauty tips to stop fooling you!


In makeup, all skins do not have the same needs. Whether dry, sensitive or prone to imperfections, listen to the needs of your skin in order to best adapt the texture, coverage, and finish of the foundation to be adopted.

I have dry skin

Dry skin will prefer a fluid foundation with a moisturizing and light texture that will not mark areas of dryness and avoid feeling tight. It offers a natural result, while transparent. For greater comfort, it is best to apply it to the wet sponge, such as the Beauty Blender, or with a duo fiber brush. We finish with a veil of loose powder, and a highlighter tip on the top of the cheekbones to return the light with subtlety. Finally, a Schitt of moisturizing mist will complete the entire makeup of the complexion and will bring an additional dose of hydration.


I have sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can bet on a mineral foundation to apply after sunscreen. Its natural ingredients derived from the minerals of the soil let breathe the skin and make it glowing health! To reduce redness, the application of a fine-textured corrector – which unites without seeing itself – or the use of a CC cream, which corrects the differences in color while bringing light to medium coverage.

I have mixed to oily skin

To unify a mixed to oily skin, one draws its foundation powder and its brush kabuki. Its mattifying power controls the shine throughout the day, without stifling the skin. The compact foundation is also thicker and brings more coverage, so it is ideal for camouflaging imperfections and brings a matte zero defect result! Mixed skins have the chance to play with several types of textures: comfort is applied to the cheeks with a fluid base cream applied to the sponge and the median zone (forehead, nose, chin) is unified with a Veil of powder applied to the kabuki.

I have mature skin

Mature skin will prefer a foundation halfway between makeup and care, anti-aging and soothing. Chosen with an SPF to add sunscreen, it keeps hydration on the surface of the skin and reveals all its brilliance. For a perfect skin result, instead, choose a BB cream with a light texture that will not slip into the fine lines. Less thick than the foundation, it has the advantage of less to mark the features.

Finally, the foundation in stick can adapt to all skins. Ultra practical, it slips into the handbag for small touch-ups in the day!


Finding the ideal shade can be difficult, which is why it is imperative to test it to avoid unpleasant surprises! To do this, simply identify the lighter areas of the face – such as the jaw bone or the inside of the wrist – and apply a small drop of the foundation. If there is no demarcation between the face and the neck, it is the ideal shade!

If one hesitates between two shades, one will prefer the lighter one that one will warm with a tip of bronzer. Above all, it is better to avoid choosing a darker shade to look good. Better to play with a bright blush or a bit of contouring, than to risk an orange mask effect!

Finally, for a result close to perfection, one does not forget to apply a veil of foundation on the décolleté to avoid contrasts with the face and the neck.

The sub-tones of the skin are also to be taken into account when choosing the shade of our foundation. The gray skins will prefer tones rather rosy to bring luster. The golden skins with the yellow sub-tones will bear better a pink tinge while the skin with redness must at all costs avoid them. The beiges are rather neutral and can adapt to all skin tones.

The little advice in +: since the needs and the color of the skin change throughout the year, it is better to have two foundations in its kit of makeup: a lighter and more covering for winter, a more Dark and lighter texture for the summer months!


There are a lot of different finishes: matte, glowy, satin … We choose it according to its desires, time or our morning mine. The fluid foundation can offer a matte or luminous finish, often satiny and natural, it is modular and easy to apply. The compact powder is more matte and more covering, but can also have a shiny finish if chosen with a few iridescent reflecting light. For more lightness and a transparent result, we turn instead to a BB cream (or a tinted cream) and a small veil of concealer that is fixed with an HD powder.

To find the perfect finish that will reveal the beauty of our skin, nothing better than to play with the makeup and test different products, according to our desires!

Finally, to perfect the work of the complexion, one does not forget to fill his eyebrows and to choose a lipstick adapted to the color of his skin!


The foundation can be applied to the finger, to the sponge, or to the brush. Again, one chooses its tool according to the desired rendering and the texture used. Application to the finger remains tedious because it is not very precise. Brushes are allies of choice.


While the flat brush adapts perfectly to the creamy textures and stretches the material without the trace. The duo fiber is perfect for a natural result and is suitable To the application of the most fluid foundations. For a zero-defect complexion, nothing better than the wet sponge: easier to use than the brush – which requires a little dexterity to avoid traces – the sponge allows a fast application and an ultra natural rendering. Place a dab of foundation on the back of the hand.

Finally, if you use a brush or a sponge, you do not forget to clean your tools daily to avoid the proliferation of bacteria that can be responsible for the appearance of imperfections.


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