To use and abuse this wonderful little iconic tube,  simply follow our few beauty tips!

1# Prepare your lips

As you prepare your skin with facial care before applying a foundation or a bb cream. It is essential to carefully treat your lips before adorning them with pigments. Once a week, get rid of the small unsightly dead skin by practicing a scrub on your lips. You can make a homemade exfoliant with only sugar and a spoon of honey. Efficiency guaranteed! Rub the mixture on your lips with small circular movements. Then rinse with clear water.

After a scrub, it is always recommended not to skip the step of hydration. Take your richest moisturizing balm and nourish your lips intensely.

2 # Choose the texture of your lip red

For a perfect makeup in the smallest details. Adapt the texture of your red according to the shape of your mouth, your look, and your desires!

The lipstick cream remains the classic of the makeup. Its moisturizing formula is comfortable to wear all day and slips on the lips to the application.

Satin finishes are filled with nourishing agents and guarantee an intense shine. But their behavior is more stealthy and deserves several retouching during the day. The red satin slips into your beauty bag!

The shine or glossy textures are ultra glamorous and promise a brilliant result at will. They have the advantage of having this sublime glossy finish. Without the sticky side of the lip gloss.


Finally, the matte lipstick is on all the mouths for a few seasons and remains an unavoidable trend of beauty addicts. It promises a perfect outfit but can easily dry out the lips. The golden rule to wear it is to have impeccable lips!

The tendency matte – or velvet – advantage the fleshy lips and naturally bulging. The fine lips will prefer the iridescent finishes that are full of reflections and return the light. This natural effect will give an impression of relief of the most beautiful effect. Note that matte textures do not make gifts to small fine lines and are not the best anti-aging that is …

Note that matte textures do not make gifts to small fine lines and are not the best anti-aging that is.

3 # Choosing the good color

In order to choose the color that will best flatter your complexion and bring it radiance. Refer to the tones of your skin: hot or cold, pink or gold. Your complexion dictates what to wear!

If you have very light hair and milky skin, choose shades. Rather cold and not very dark to not harden the features: rosewood will be your best ally.

If you have a fair complexion and brown hair, cold tones are also required. But you can play with more intensity. To you the plum, the lees of wine and the chestnut!

If you have medium skin with golden tones you can do anything!. Your warm complexion enhances all colors and brings you good looks. If you have redness, avoid pink tones that would highlight the irregularities of the complexion.


For blond hair and clear eyes women, warm tones are made for you.

If you have matte or black skin, everything is allowed, provided you apply only intense colors that enhance the natural color of the lips and cover them with pigments.

Finally, the perfect nude does not exist, it depends on each flesh. So find the shade “my lips in better” that will bring you a natural glow and the right dose of color for a successful “no make up make up”.

4 # How to wear red lip red Lipstick

Red lipstick is definitely the most glamorous and feminine makeup icon ever!. Worn alone or accompanied by a dramatic eyeliner line, it always makes its little effect. Be careful however to respect a few basic rules to avoid disaster with your most beautiful lipstick.

Rule # 1: Banish cold or dark shades if your teeth are not perfectly white. The bluish colors will tend to accentuate their yellow side and will soon be unsightly. In this case, opt instead for bright reds and orange, which brings brightness and whiteness.

Rule # 2: Never forget to wear a blush to enhance your appearance. Red is one of the products of makeup that does not forgive a complexion too little work. For the eyes, a veil of beige eye shadow is enough, while the skin must be resplendent of health.

Rule # 3: To avoid red marks on the teeth, tighten your index finger between your lips. You can remove excess with a tissue. Yes, the red is handled down to the last detail!

5 # Well apply its lip red

Now that you know how to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone. You know the pitfalls to avoid for a top render. Let’s move on to the fateful step of the application:

Let’s move on to the fateful step of the application:

First, the makeup of the complexion must be impeccable. One, therefore, draws its anti-circles and its foundation to create a skin zero defect. If it is necessary to choose, it is better to have a light eye makeup. A complex complexion to highlight a pretty colorful mouth.


The lips should be prepared and hydrated under your red so that it has made the best possible. Always keep a lip stick in the handbag for unwanted retouching,
then draw the lip contour with a pencil. The lip pencil should be the same color as the lipstick that you will apply afterward.

To avoid the look of the 90s, the pencil is too dark too that delimits too much marked. The outline of the mouth! Instead, a tone-on-tone material is applied that is not too creamy and will help the red to hold. Start by drawing the bow of cupid then the round of the mouth. Then, watch the inside of the lips to cover them entirely with pigments.

The lipstick can be applied by brush or directly to the grape. Again, it all depends on the color chosen. Nude colors can easily be applied to grapes while darker shades require more precision in their application. Then take out your fine brushes and start by filling the top of the lips with cupid’s bow. Finish by the lower lip and the corners of the mouth.

Finish with a brush applied to the fine brush to camouflage the slight burrs! Start by drawing the bow of cupid then the round of the mouth. Then, hatch the inside of the lips to cover them entirely with pigments. Finish with a brush applied to the fine brush to camouflage the slight burrs!

6 – Small tip to extend your red

For an irreproachable holding of your red, a little trick exists! After filling your lips, take a thin tissue of paper. Squeeze it against your colored mouth and apply a veil of loose powder to the fabric with a large dense brush. The powder will diffuse through the fabric and prolong the hold of your lipstick. This technique, however, removes some gloss. Once the pigments are pressed well on your lips, do not hesitate to put back a layer of lipstick or balm.

Some advice for you

if you are particularly tired, but rather on the makeup of the lips rather than on that of the eyes. By making your eyes look, you draw attention to them, and so on your dark circles! Instead, use a light coat of waterproof mascara to open your eyes, a flesh-colored eye shadow, and a bright lipstick to wake up your little face.

All you have to do is find a good makeup remover for when the evening comes ..!


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