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It is far from the memory of your pallid complexion of the summer months, you would like to keep it all year round? We can say everything we want but look good.

The Skin Makeup Tips well for morale …”. But nothing is impossible, so here are some tips and tricks to preserve a fresh and luminous mine under all circumstances!

Skin makeup tips

Take care of your skin

This may seem basic and repetitive but there is not so much secret: to have a prettier skin, it must be spared, pampered, pampered:

Regularly massage your skin


skin massage

All the muscles that Skin Makeup Tips our face are not sufficiently stimulated or stimulated during the day (forced a little laugh: p). In the end, the skin tends to relax, to relax, to Strokes grow and crease. The simple gesture does not take more time: massage your face when you apply your care, alternating small parts (especially around the contour of the eye) and movements a little more supported.

Wake your skin

Difficult to look good if the face is “wrinkled” and you can still see the folds of the pillow on your cheeks. To energize, wake up, brighten your skin early in the morning, give it a boost with a stream of cold water, or more tenderly with a mist of thermal water.

  • Exfoliate your complexion

The fresh and luminous complexion is synonymous with healthy skin. The gesture anti “gray mine” for that remains the exfoliation! Once or twice a week, erase your skin with a light, gentle product that you will gently rub in circular motions to eliminate dead cells, responsible for this dull complexion.

  • Use tonic lotion

tonic lotion

Easy, fast, versatile and effective, it will become your ally freshness. It will allow preparing the skin to receive the care, to remove the last impurities of makeup and in the morning, it will awaken the radiance of your complexion by moisturizing your skin.

  • Moisturize and maintain your good looks

It is impossible to look good with dried skin. Choose a moisturizer that’s right for your skin type, and apply it every day, whatever the season. And why not choose a tinted moisturizer ?!

  • Try it with multitasking

Skin Makeup Tips targeted the needs of your skin to apply your masks. You have mixed skin, use a moisturizing mask on the cheeks and a purifying mask on the T area. You have mature skin, a lifting mask on the cheeks and neck and an anti-stain mask on your forehead for example.

Do you want to act on the uniformity of your complexion? Apply a treatment based on red algae. Want to minimize the appearance of your pores? Take a mask made of green clay or tea tree essential oil. Do you want to illuminate your skin? Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid are the perfect ingredients.

  • The outline of the eye


Often set aside or postponed, a fresh complexion passes through a defatted and undone look. Be sure to hydrate this sensitive and fragile area so that it does not lack hydration or sleep.


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