What if your hair changes color according to time?

Change hair color is the crazy bet launched by the London brand The Unseen. From brown to orange through the blond, no shade resists them.

After the sweater that changes colors according to the moods, it is now possible to bring a little fancy in this hair, temporarily. No need to choose between brown or red: thanks to the British brand The Unseen, you can offer both colorations in one go. All rights imported from London, the brand has indeed experience hybrid coloring. Thanks to a dye called Fire, your hair changes color according to the weather. Depending on the temperature fluctuations, the dye reacts and passes through a panel of hues. And the result is as revolutionary as it is confusing! For the moment, the coloring is semi-permanent and it goes away after several washes.

hair color

The chemist Lauren Bowker is at the origin of this innovative idea. Its aim is always to innovate by combining science and beauty. His creed: “We believe the technology is Magick.” With the Fire dye, it is, therefore, a new futuristic step that is available to our hair.

In a style she defines herself as “occult glamor, ” the artist developed a range of colorations with five different versions: from black to red, from black to white, from silver to pastel blue, from Black to blond and blue to white. The creators took advantage of London Fashion Week to collaborate with the modeling agency Storms Models to make captivating clips.

When hair color rhymes with option

To have such a rendering, no magic, but a scientific process. Lauren Bowker and her team use thermochromic ink type. The latter is toxic, as Forbes magazine explains. However, The Unseen said he managed to treat the ink through a chemical process. The coloring would, therefore, be respectful for your scalp.

There is no doubt that the undecided who do not know which coloring to choose will want to get this range out of the common. It will however wait. The product is not yet on the market. Lauren Bowker is looking for a business partner.

hair color

Three massage techniques to promote hair growth

To promote the growth of hair, there are three techniques of massage of the scalp to privilege.

Massage mobilization

It is to put the pulp of the fingers on the head. With the fingers slightly apart, you must press hard and make a rotating or reciprocating motion. Move your fingers and repeat the same gestures at another place in your scalp. It takes about a minute.

Pinch massage

To achieve this message correctly, place your hands 2 cm apart and have your fingers tight. As you go, bring your fingers together with your hands to pinch the scalp. About 30 seconds are enough!

Massage in suction cups

It is a question of placing the hands on one another, covering the hand of the lower one with that of the top. You must exert sufficient pressure by bringing the two palms together in one movement. You should feel a sensation of “aspiration” of the scalp.


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