For tanning without the sun, the self-tanner remains the best option. Which self-tanner to choose? How to avoid traces of self-tanning or remove them when you have missed? How does it work, a self-tanner?

For self-tanning, we have the select different magical beauty product that makes it possible to obtain a nice natural tan, even without the sun!

Summer or winter, we like whatever happens to get a pallid complexion. Besides our selection of sunscreens, you can opt for the use of a self-tanning (ultra natural and safe)! We give you all our tanning tips to wear a tan zero defect!

The best self-tanning

The numerous self-tanning products compete with ingenuity in order to obtain a beautiful tanned skin gradually (even without the sun’s rays).

best tan sun

Be careful, however, to select the product that will best suit the pigmentation of your skin. We will avoid turning orange carrot!

For this, we have selected the best tanning creams, spray, wipes. There will be something for everyone. For use on dry skin or under the shower, find the right method for tanned skin without sun.

And for those looking to prepare their tan before the summer, you are told all about self-tanning capsules to speed up the production of melanin.

What self-tanning for me?

Not always easy to apply its self-tanner without traces. To succeed your next session of self-tanning, Cosmo guides you. How to apply self-tanning on the face, on the body and how to have a beautiful tanned complexion: follow our beauty tips.


To protect your skin from the sun and get a balanced complexion: besides our selection of sunscreens, you can opt for the use of a tanning (ultra natural and safe)!
But not just any one, and surely no matter how.

How to choose your self-tanner? It is essential to select the self-tanning product that will suit our pigmentation.

Opt for lighter self-tanner initially, this will prevent you from being totally orange and the result of your tan will be natural and progressive.

Dark skins and clear skins can not apply the same product without fear of error.

Homemade self-tanner, which recipe to choose?

And if the products of trade do not suit you, discover our recipes of self-tanning to make oneself.


Based on tea, henna, carrot or cocoa. Home made self-tanners will soon have no secrets for you.

Applying your self-tanner is an art!

How to apply your self-tanner? It is not always easy to apply a self-tanner properly without traces.

To achieve the most natural result possible, it is advisable to apply your self-tanning product in small quantities to dry skin.

Be careful not to over-force your joints, it is usually in these precise places that the traces “orange” are the most visible.

We also give you our tips to prepare your skin before applying a self-tanner to avoid disasters.

And if you missed the application of your product, discover our tips to get rid of self-tanning stains.

sun scream-for-tanning

Note: The day before the application of self-tan, re-scrub, but this time in the shower. Immediately afterward, it is wrapped in an ultra nourishing cream, rich in shea or vegetable oils: the skin is smooth, full of water, ready to radiate!


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