ghost mannequins

Follow these steps to add a supernatural touch to your product images!

Using ghost mannequins to showcase your products to your customers is an efficient technique to promote them.

Dummies allow your products to be displayed with the right shape they should have, which gives them a professional and consistent image. Anyway, the problem is that the dummies can sometimes distract the view of the customer. To avoid any distraction in the client has created “ghost effect”, a fantastic alternative that you can see in the following image:

ghost mannequine
This is how a garment looks when the ghost effect is applied.

In the first instance, this type of image may seem difficult to create. It is important to understand how you should take the base images of your product so that you can edit them correctly with this effect.

Creating a ghosting effect is quite simple if you take the right images and use the right software (for example Photoshop). In addition, you can outsource this task to expert image editors to have your ghosting images ready in less than 24 hours.

To create this effect, we will follow a simple process that consists of combining two images of the product.

Look below for the two base images to which we refer:

Once you have the images ready, follow the steps below to create your own images with the ghost effect using Photoshop:

Step One: Open your files in Photoshop and create layers.

First, you’ll need to open the images you’ve created in Photoshop. Select the image with the mannequin and create a new layer. Fill that layer with white; this will help to have a more optimal end result. You can also name your layers to make it easier for you to know what kind of effects are in them.

Step Two: Use the selection tool to select the garment in the mannequin image.

Now it’s time to select the dressing product on the mannequin. Zoom in on the image with the manikin, selecting your favourite tool to select items: quick selection, lasso, or magic wand. All of these will help you achieve this action. Keep in mind that in most cases using a white background when capturing images allows you to remove the manikin more easily due to the separation of colour between the product and the background.

Step Three: Refine and place your mask.

Once you have completely selected the product, refine your mask so that it is very tight on the product, eliminating the bottom and the mannequin. This can be done by using the Refine Edge tool in the selection menu.

ghost mannequins

Do OK on this tool and place it on the layer with the garment. At this point, you should see the product “floating” on the white background you created at the beginning. If necessary, refine the mask even further or the edges of the product to give it a cleaner appearance.

Step Four: Repeat steps over the other image.

Now you must repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 but on the image of the garment lying on a flat surface. It may seem more difficult perhaps than the first, but it is not. Follow the same directions and you will see that it is well!

Step Five: Combine Images.

When both images contain tight, clean masks, drag the mask you have made of the second image over which the garment is already floating. Organize them so that the layer created from the second image is below the layer of the floating garment. Then, position the proportions so that they are perfect one on the other.

Step Six: Remove unnecessary parts of the layer (image 2).

At this point, it is a good idea to “hide” the manikin your mask with the manikin and pass the brush to erase any unnecessary item. The important thing is to keep the neck triangle between the shoulders. Remember to remove that part in the image 2 because it already appears in the other. Once you have done these steps, you should check that the layers are clean and there is nothing out of alignment.

Step Seven: Add shadows and save the file.



Finally, add a shade between the two layers to give the product a feeling of depth. Now give him to save the image with the layers intact. Once you have saved the file with the layers, add them all together and save this file under a different name.

Remember that this effect on your clothing images will not only make the garments look more attractive, but will also make your store look much more professional and authentic.
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