It has become one of the most important areas for makeup.

For eyebrows Pencils, special mascaras, care, makeup, and others do not end up adding to the list of makeup products. And to highlight a look of doe, nothing better than to post eyebrows neat and well drawn. To be at the top, Eduardo, make-up artist T. LeClerc gives us his advice!

Preliminary Steps Before Makeup

As often, when it comes to makeup, we do not launch directly. With brush strokes, liner, and other makeup. Beforehand, care is taken to prepare the area correctly. As for the eyebrows, this means drawing your line of eyebrows and mastering hair removal. Tweezers, wax weigh the strengths and disadvantages before making a choice!

How to make up my eyebrows?


Intensify, comb, illuminate. These are the 3 golden rules of eyebrow makeup.

Beforehand, one brushes his eyebrows to determine their natural form and to avoid a makeup that would not respect it.

Using an eyebrow pencil, small lines, such as hair, are drawn, respecting the direction of the eyebrow implantation.

To intensify one deposit a powder of a tint hardly darker than the colors of its eyebrows. There are tints suitable for blondes as for browns, but also for redheads and those with black hair. Obviously, one chooses the tint according to that of its eyebrows (and not of its hair).

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Then proceed to step 2-in-1: with the aid of a brush (or of an eyebrow brush), one capper again in the direction of the hair. At the same time, this action will make it possible to blend the makeup and avoid the two dark lines that harden the look.

Lastly, the makeup is fixed using a spray, a fixed powder or a specific mascara.


The trick of the pro: on deposit a touch of banana blush under the eyebrow arch. The objective? Give a youthful look by creating a raised eyebrow effect.

What if your eyebrows are too thin or not dense enough? This is not a fatality.

Micropigmentation, eyebrow extension, smart makeup. There is a multitude of techniques to offer eyebrows of his dreams!

  • Apply the wax in the direction of the hair to fix and sculpt.
  • Use the powder color to intensify the eyebrows.
  • Using the brush styling in the direction of the hair and blend.
  • Put the banana shade in the hollow of the eyebrow to illuminate.

Between the eyebrow pencil not always easy to apply and the micro-pigmentation, it is sometimes difficult to find the right measure. Good news. Harcourt has imagined an almost hybrid product that keeps ongoing without being permanent.

This is the fixative eyebrow serum. This colorless product that resembles a mascara has a dual action. It makes it possible to fix the makeup of the eyebrows and above all, it acts in the manner of a care. The serum boosts hair regrowth by stimulating the proliferation of cells of the hair bulb.


To appreciate the first results, one must be patient and methodical. If the serum is applied daily to our eyebrows, preferably in the evening. Visible results can be obtained within 2 to 3 weeks,” Promises Harcourt.



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