photo retouch

To achieve professional results with a point-and-click camera can require years of experience.

Digital photo retouching and photo restoration are used by virtually all leading photographers. It adds a professional look that has so much more to offer than the original. I specialize in digital photo enhancement, photo editing, and damaged photo restoration.

As we know photography as we know it would not be possible without light. Controlled light is what allows us to create beautifully executed studio or outdoor portraits and wedding images that enhance the bridal gown with great detail and precision. Even an uncontrolled light may create a real disaster. Such as hard shadows, extreme overexposure, unintended lens flare, and light spots.

The fact is that most of the time we control these lighting issues. But when something different happens with us. For example, there are times that the sun will suddenly appear in the middle of a session.


What should you do then? No problem! There’s no need to stress over that scenario. Because we can quickly improve or repair most problems. The problem caused by glare, flare, sun spots or shadows.

Even the most sophisticated photographic equipment in the world cannot prevent strangers from wandering in the background of your wedding photos and holiday snapshots; or eliminate blemishes, stray hair, and wrinkles from your otherwise perfect portraits.

Our Speciality on photo retouch service

The simple matter is that, besides sunspots, we can retouch other light related problems as well. Glasses glare, shadows on the backdrop or wall, lens flare, light reflections even strobes and umbrellas in mirrors or windows. Depending on the severity of the issue some of these may require a higher level of retouching. See our sample galleries on our homepage for a few examples.

When you’re trying to use free online photo editors, your images often look unnatural and overdone.

That’s where post-processing and professional photo retouching come in.

Using professional photo editing software and years of training, our experienced photo retouchers can correct an image’s color and exposure, remove unsightly distractions, and even create realistic composites of multiple shots.

image retouch service

For example, a photo of your wedding day can be cut out and placed on a photo of the beautiful, scenic beach where you enjoyed your honeymoon. Our in-house graphic designers can also add other backgrounds and any special texts you want.

Benefits of the service

You’re struggling to produce the best possible images for your website, online store or social media, or simply trying to capture your most precious memories in the most artistic way; you can either spend a lot of money hiring a professional photographer or a little bit of money on a photo retouching service.

Whatever your retouch requirements, pop into your local Snappy Snaps store with your negatives, slides, and existing photographs and let our photo advisors help you get a photograph you can proudly display for years to come.

If you’ve ever looked at a picture and thought, “If it weren’t for that one little thing, this would be perfect,” contact us today and let us show you just how amazing your pictures can be.a


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