It’s summer, it’s hot … the short skirts are back but not only! The necklines are also output. Hidden behind a turtleneck for months, this charming asset needs to remake a beauty! Toning massages, exfoliating body treatments, the push-up effect here are some tricks to sublimate your chest and display a nice neckline this summer.

1. Take care of your skin for a nice neckline

# 1: the scrub

Having beautiful skin helps to have a nice neckline! So remember to use a scrub once a week to get rid of dead cells and help your skin regenerate. But be careful, the skin is fine in this place: preferably use a soft exfoliating scrub (type exfoliating shower gel) and not a scrub with coarse grains that could damage the skin.

moisturizing cream

# 2: the moisturizing cream

After a scrub or a day at the beach, hydrate your skin with a cream, oil or body milk that you will apply by making large circular movements. The cream will help protect the skin and the massage to bend the chest.

#3: the sun cream

The sun tanning is nice but the sunburn that accelerates the aging of the skin! Opt for effective sun protection to avoid ending the summer with sun-pleated skin and use a sunscreen to protect the neck and chest. This will prevent drying of the skin.


Because the neckline is all the more beautiful when it is tanned, use a moisturizing cream self-tanning! Ideal for those who do not go on holiday, the self-tanner will give you colors. Go for a tall light-colored top that will put the tan even more in value.

2. Gallop the pectoral muscles for a beautiful chest


-Finish with a gentle body treatment

To complement the arousing effect of the sports exercises, use a body care curve to sublimate your chest. This beauty product will help you get a nice neckline.

-Some pumps and exercises to muscle

The breasts are not muscles but they are supported by the pectorals: it is necessary to muscle this zone to obtain a firm chest and a nice décolleté! For the more sporty of you, the pumps are an effective solution. You can also opt for swimming.

Finally, an exercise within reach of all: stretch out arms, join hands palm against palm and press with all your strength for 10 seconds. Release and repeat about 20 times. This exercise repeated morning and evening will give you steel pecs and a firm and well-drawn chest.


Prefer cold showers that firm the skin and tone the muscles.

3. Make up your neckline

Your face does not have the monopoly of makeup! Your cleavage can also benefit! Apply, for example, sun powder, sequined oil or glitter powder. Both discreet and sophisticated, this small detail will be the finishing touch to your outfit, for both special and daily evenings.

neckline makeup

But be careful, do not give in to the temptation of the foundation to mask any imperfections! You could dirty your clothes! Prefer a light powder to unify your skin and the trick is played.

4. Choose the right bra size

Having a nice skin and a nice chest is good, but coupled to the right size bra is better! It is even essential to highlight the chest and get a nice neckline.

When the throat is too small, it compresses the chest, and if it is too large, it does not support it sufficiently. Ask your lingerie shop for advice: adjusting the size of your bonnet or chest can make all the difference!


Why not try the push-up effect that goes up the chest for a glamorous neckline?

To be used both for the generous breasts and for the smaller ones.


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