dietary rules

You do not necessarily need to diet. What you want is to keep the line. If possible without doing sport.

Balance dietary rules for food and a healthy lifestyle are enough to avoid the yoyo on the balance? Find our 10 slimming tips to keep the line without headaches!

For you, we asked the best nutritionists their tricks to finally make peace with your pounds.

Keeping the line is neither a mystery nor an occult science: just a few basic “tips” to adopt a healthy lifestyle to limit the intake of calories.

Print this list or learn it by heart: you bet it will help you?

1. Do not Reserve

Take a reasonable serving (no, it does not count if you take half the dish out of the game!). And do not come back to it, even if the hostess insists to be vexed, even if your grandmother plays the act 2 scene 3. A portion is enough!

2. Limit cheese and starchy foods in the evening


Because these two types of food are extremely rich and are to be assimilated preferably during the day, or before intense physical exercise.

Unless you are going to squat a dance floor until the end of the night, do not put on this little pasta dish at the Carbonara.

3. Limit your bread ration

We did not say that we had to remove the bread, but a reasonable piece at each meal, that is enough! For toddlers who want to limit cravings, adopt the complete bread, baguette or slice. It gives a more satisfying feeling of satiety than white bread.

4. Take (finally!) A real breakfast.

Too often, we ignore this essential meal for dietary rules. The most? Include a yogurt at your breakfast: it will allow you to zap the small hollow of 11h.


5. Do not nibble!

Neither between meals or during meals. The snack is the worst enemy of your line! In case of cravings, drink, tea, or cocoa light that will “fill” your stomach. And if you have to crack, snap “useful”:

A banana (about 130 calories versus 100 for an apple)
A white cheese
A cereal bar
a slice of ham
A stick of Surimi …
6. Forget calories

It is useless to track down the least calories of the least food. Foods that make you fat, you know them.

7. Assume your deviations for dietary rules!

Yeah, well, okay. You cracked for the second part of Cheesecake. After your pasta dish al arrabbiata.


Relax, you’re not going to take 3 pounds right away in the buttocks! Watch for the following meals and limit the deviations for one or two days and poof, your gap will soon be forgotten.

8. Drink in moderation …

Ah yes, that, we know, is not the most fun advice of dietary rules. And yet .. Alcohol is extremely caloric. The proof :

– A glass of red wine = 82 Kcal
– 1 glass of white wine = 105 Kcal
– A glass of baked wine Porto = 80 Kcal
– Champagne 1 glass = 140 Kcal
– One beer = 125 to 200 Kcal
– Cider 1 glassĀ = 50 Kcal
– 1 whiskey = 100 Kcal

To limit the breakage (both in terms of calories and drunkenness!), Think of drinking a glass of water between each glass of alcohol.

9. drink!


We do not plan the large bowl of lemon water in the jump of the bed: if its slimming virtues are proven, let’s be honest, it is frankly aggressive.

If water comes out through your eyes, think of tea: green tea, especially, whether it is perfumed or not, has good draining virtue.

Abuse it without worry, and go to a red tea type Rooibos (without thine) from 5 pm for those who have a light sleep.

10. Get moving!

The sport? Not your thing. And no time. Try as much as you can to move: take the stairs rather than the elevator.


If you are a regular metro, try to get off a station before yours, cycle. Dance every Saturday night, in short, Be creative, move!


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